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Henry Hayter Short, Age, Biography, Family, Height, Career and More Info

Henry Hayter Short, the adopted son of Martin Short and Nancy Dolman, a prominent American actor, writer, comedian, and producer, has a unique life. Katherine and Patrick, Henry’s siblings, work in entertainment.

The Hollywood success of his family affected Henry’s boyhood. Henry’s personal life, work, youth, and mother’s death are covered here.

Join us as we recount Henry Hayter Short’s amazing life and his family’s huge influence.

Henry Hayter Short Early Life And Education

Henry Hayter Short followed his older brother Oliver Patrick to Notre Dame. Active participation in extracurriculars showed his wide interests and well-rounded temperament at university.

In the vibrant campus environment, Henry joined the men’s club water polo team, improving his swimming and making friends. He also joined a fishing club to express his love of the sport.

Henry became ski and snowboard club captain, demonstrating his leadership skills and capacity to inspire others. His academic dedication paid off as he finished with a finance degree in 2012.

Henry’s college experience was life-changing and intellectually enriching. He made lasting friendships outside of school that would shape his destiny.

Thus, Henry’s college years show not only academic success but also personal growth, leadership, and lasting relationships.


NameHenry Short
Date of birthAugust 4, 1989
Birth placeLos Angeles County, California, USA
Age34 years old
NationalityCaucasian ancestry
EducationUniversity of Notre Dame (2012)
ParentsMartin Short, Nancy Dolman
SiblingsKatherine Elizabeth Short, Oliver Patrick Short
CousinsJack Dolman, Joe Dolman
GrandparentsCharles Patrick Short, Olive Hayter
High SchoolHe completed his education at a private high school.
College or UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame (2012)
HobbiesActing, Singing & Listening to music
Net Worth$500k US dollars (as of 2023)

Henry Hayter Short Age

Henry Hayter Short Age

Henry Hayter Short, 34, was born in Los Angeles County, California, on August 4, 1989. His real parents are unknown, but Martin Short and Nancy Dolman welcomed Henry into the Short family through adoption. His adoptive parents’ Canadian comedy success makes this part of Henry’s life significant.

Henry, a Leo, has English and Irish ancestry, enriching his identity. Henry, the youngest of Martin Short and Nancy Dolman’s children, joins the family nine years after their adoption.

Henry grew up with two older siblings, both adopted like him, in the Short family. Adoption strengthens their family tie, producing a unique and close-knit Short family.

The story of Henry Hayter Short’s early childhood is filled with adoption, cultural history, and the love of a family whose humorous legacy is engraved into Canada’s entertainment scene.

Henry Hayter Short Career

Henry Hayter Short’s pedigree of famous actors, comedians, and playwrights sparked his interest in art. Henry’s upbringing in a creative family shows his deep love of the arts.

Henry started his career as a Royal Bank of Canada Managed Solutions Group consultant. His talents and abilities improved from this encounter. After that, he became an analyst, honing his skills.

Henry found true happiness in a different realm. He found his calling as a veterinarian assistant at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital. Henry devotes himself to animal welfare in this role, showing deep compassion.

Henry’s work shows his ability to combine multiple passions and live a meaningful life. His unusual path shows a dedication to personal fulfilment and a determination to pursue his passions. Henry is adaptable and purposeful in balancing corporate analysis and animal care.

Who is Henry Hayter Short Parents

Martin Short is a Canadian acting, comic, and writing legend. Martin, born March 26, 1950, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, made an impression in film and television with “Three Amigos!” and “Father of the Bride.”

His “Saturday Night Live” characters became famous, influencing sketch comedy.

Martin Short is known for his quick wit, flawless impressions, and magnetic stage presence.

Martin Short is liked by fans and peers for his genuine warmth and friendliness outside the spotlight. His talents appear limitless, from Broadway to hosting awards ceremonies. Even in animated films, his voice is memorable.

Martin Short continues to dazzle audiences with his brilliance and unmatched charisma.

Moving on to Nancy Dolman, a name synonymous with grace and talent, she is a monument to great performance and generosity. Born September 26, 1951, Nancy’s entertainment business influence and social activism are admirable.

Her best-known role as Annie Selig Tate in “Soap” showcased her acting skills and charmed audiences. The genuine influence of Nancy Dolman went beyond her professional accomplishments. Her charitable work showed her compassion. Her passion for positive change led her to promote health, education, and community empowerment activities.

Nancy Dolman died tragically in 2010. Her legacy lives on via her amazing accomplishments and enduring impact on those she touched.

Henry Hayter Short Siblings

Martin Short’s children’s achievements demonstrate a family dedicated to greatness and driven by their passions. Nancy, Kat, and Oliver Patrick are a dynamic trio of siblings who have made important contributions to society and respective fields.

These siblings demonstrate the principles imparted by their celebrity parents, Martin Short and Nancy Dolman, via talent and determination. Their story shows how originality and passion can thrive in a supportive and creative household.

Nancy, Kat, and Oliver Patrick have unique journeys. They recount commitment, inventiveness, and the quest of excellence. From entertainment to social impact, the trio enriches the Short family legacy with their unique abilities and interests.

As we follow Nancy, Kat, and Oliver Patrick’s lives, we see their successes and their commitment to improving the world. They weave their talent, passion, and social engagement into a vivid tapestry.

Thus, in celebrating Martin Short’s children’s successes, we acknowledge the aggregate influence of a family profoundly anchored in quality, innovation, and meaningful social contributions.

Katherine Short

Since her birth on December 3, 1983, Katherine Elizabeth Short has dedicated her life to education, community service, and mental health awareness.

Katherine graduated from NYU with a BA in psychology and gender sexuality studies in 2006, establishing the groundwork for her career. Recognizing the value of specialised education, she earned a master’s in social work from USC in 2010. She completed a graduate internship with Public Counsel, a prominent pro bono law firm, demonstrating her commitment to social justice and pro bono work. The experience and West L.A. training improved her skills and field perspective.

Katherine spent four years volunteering at UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, building on her academic background. She gained clinical social work expertise by integrating academic knowledge with practical insights through this hands-on experience.

Katherine’s dedication goes beyond private practice. She leads community outreach, family support groups, peer support, and vital psychotherapy sessions. Her work with “Bring Change 2 Mind,” a mental health stigma-fighting nonprofit, shows her commitment to awareness and assistance.

Katherine has attended The Producers’ afterparty and Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project “Hulaween” with her father, Martin Short. Their public appearances demonstrate their close family bond and mutual support and friendliness.

Katherine Elizabeth Short’s story is one of academic success, professional dedication, and a deep commitment to mental health awareness and support. Her integrative clinical and community outreach approach to social work is holistic and empathetic.

Oliver Patrick

Oliver Patrick Short’s story begins on April 29, 1986, in the enthralling entertainment industry. Beyond the glitz and splendour, Oliver studied at Notre Dame, where his leadership skills flourished. He coached the women’s ice hockey team and captained the men’s snowboard squad, demonstrating his leadership and sporting skills.

Following his 2008 film and television production degree, Oliver worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. He began his job as an executive assistant at Warner Bros. Pictures, launching a diverse and exciting career.

Oliver’s influence grew over time, reaching FOX Sports, the MLB Network, and NBC Sports. His diverse positions in production and beyond enriched his career and shaped the entertainment industry.

Oliver and his family engaged in key industry events while pursuing their careers. In August 2006, the Short family attended a New York City afterparty, demonstrating their real interest in showbiz. In October 2006, Oliver and Katherine joined their father at the Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Benefit, confirming their love of the profession.

The unbreakable relationship between Oliver and his family shows their passion and affection for the world they share, even beyond Hollywood. Each member of the Short family weaves a tapestry of shared experiences, mutual support, and a deep connection to the world that has defined their existence.

Henry Hayter Short Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight62 kg
Hair ColourBlack.
Eye ColourBlack.
Body Measurements38-34-37

Henry Hayter Short Relationship Status

Henry Hayter married William Dodd’s daughter Susan in 1855. They have a happy son from their marriage. Henry’s brother Harrison Hayter was an esteemed English civil engineer. The Hayter family creates a story of marital and engineering successes via their personal and professional accomplishments.

Henry Hayter Short’s Mothers Death

Despite her dreadful ovarian cancer diagnosis, Nancy Dolman showed incredible courage and endurance. She died of cancer on August 21, 2010, at 58, leaving her family and fans heartbroken.

The remains of Nancy were cremated per her request. The family’s cottage on Lake Rosseau in Ontario, Canada, hosted a touching farewell. A family member wrote “A Great Remember (For Nancy),” a poignant musical elegy, for this private setting. Nancy Dolman’s memories evoked powerful emotions in this piece.

Nancy is no longer with us, yet her legacy lives on. All who knew Nancy Dolman appreciate her memory. Her legacy is one of resilience, love, and the beauty of a well-lived life.

Henry Hayter Short Net Worth

The 2023 net worth of Henry Hayter Short is predicted at $500,000. Henry has attained financial success and stability throughout his career.

Henry’s wealth comes from his career, investments, and other sources. His financial portfolio may not be publicly published, but the figure indicates his financial well-being.

Success in a job, smart financial decisions, and savvy investments all contribute to wealth building. Through his history and skills, Henry Hayter Short has navigated these financial management aspects to build a net worth that shows his financial competence.

Net worth changes with job progress, investments, and economic situations. Henry’s net worth, as of 2023, shows his financial success.

Where Is Henry Hayter Short Now?

Henry Hayter Short, raised in the spotlight of his celebrity father, has strategically chosen a life of privacy to avoid public scrutiny. His present activities and location are unknown due to this determined decision.

Henry occasionally appears with his father, Martin Short. The details of his current life are unknown. We may not fully understand Henry’s present ambitions, but we believe he is on a path to happiness and fulfilment.

Henry’s low profile shows his desire to keep his personal life private. In a world of continual scrutiny, this option lets him write his own story.

We wish Henry a life of authenticity and fulfilment as he embraces privacy. In the lack of specific facts, we appreciate his decision to live in private and trust that he is following his own principles and goals.


Q1. Who are Henry Hayter Short’s siblings?

A1. Katherine Elizabeth Short and Oliver Patrick Short are Henry Hayter Short’s siblings. Martin Short and Nancy Dolman adopted all three siblings.

A2: Henry Hayter Short’s education?

A2: Henry Hayter Short earned a finance degree from Notre Dame in 2012. Water polo, fishing club, and ski and snowboard club captain were his extracurriculars.

Q3: Henry Hayter Short’s career?

A3: Henry Hayter Short started as a Royal Bank of Canada Managed Solutions Group consultant. Later, he became an analyst. He discovered his calling as a veterinarian assistant at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, dedicated to animal welfare.

Q4: Who are Henry Hayter Short’s parents?

A4: Martin and Nancy Dolman are Henry Hayter Short’s parents. Martin Short is a Canadian actor, comedian, and writer, while Nancy Dolman was a social activist and “Soap” star. Unfortunately, Nancy Dolman died in 2010.

Q5: Henry Hayter Short’s 2023 net worth?

A5: In 2023, Henry Hayter Short’s net worth is projected at $500,000. Career decisions, investments, and other factors contributed to his financial success.


Finally, Henry Hayter Short’s life is a remarkable adventure embedded in the heritage of his adoptive parents, Martin Short and Nancy Dolman. Henry’s life balances personal fulfilment and family relationships, from college to his broad job. The story’s emotional loss of his mother, Nancy, emphasises perseverance and the lasting impact of a life well lived. Henry’s siblings, Katherine and Oliver Patrick, extend the Short family’s heritage through their accomplishments while Henry stays private. The Short family represents skill, ingenuity, and substantial contributions to entertainment and society.

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