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Lori McCommas, Biography, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth and Meet Terrence Howard’s ex-wife

Lori McCommas, known as the former wife of acclaimed actor, record producer, and singer-songwriter Terrence Howard, played a significant role in shaping his life’s narrative. Their relationship was a blend of highs and lows, culminating in two marriages and the joy of raising three wonderful children together. Despite the challenges they faced along the way, their bond as a family remained resilient, leaving an indelible mark on both their personal lives and Howard’s public persona.

Throughout their journey, Lori McCommas and Terrence Howard experienced the complexities of love and family, navigating the intricacies of marriage and parenthood. Despite the eventual end of their romantic relationship, their enduring connection as co-parents underscores the enduring importance of family in both their lives. Their story serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love and family bonds, even in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

Lori McCommas Wiki

Born NameLori McCommas
Date of BirthJune 22, 1969
Zodiac SignCancer
Lori McCommas Age54 years old
Born PlaceNew York City, New York, United States
EducationAttended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York City, USA
ReligionJehovah’s Witnesses
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandTerrence Howard
ChildrenAubrey and Heaven

Lori McCommas Biography

Lori McCommas, a native of New York City, was born on June 22, 1969. She gained recognition as the former wife of actor Terrence Howard, known for his roles in various acclaimed films, including the American drama “Hustle & Flow.” Howard’s performance in the movie earned him critical acclaim, leading to an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. His repertoire of notable films includes “Mr. Holland’s Opus,””Winnie,””Ray,””Crash,””Four Brothers,” and “Dead Presidents,” among others.

Married since 1989, Terrence and Lori McCommas shared a significant part of their lives together and are parents to three children. Their relationship, though enduring, encountered its share of challenges, ultimately leading to their separation. Despite their personal journey, Lori’s association with Howard remains a noteworthy chapter in both their lives, reflecting the complexities of love, marriage, and celebrity relationships.

Lori McCommas Early Life and Education

Lori McCommas, born on June 22, 1969, hails from a Jewish background but was raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses faith. After completing her education at Henderson High School, she pursued further studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Her relationship with Terrence Howard, her childhood sweetheart, led to marriage in 1989. However, after a decade together, they parted ways in 2003.

Despite their initial divorce, Terrence Howard and Lori McCommas reunited and remarried in 2005. Unfortunately, their reconciliation was short-lived, and they ultimately filed for divorce once again in 2006, finalising their separation in 2007. Their tumultuous relationship journey reflects the complexities of love and marriage, marked by both union and separation.

Lori McCommas Age

lori mccommas

Lori McCommas, born on June 22, 1969, is presently 54 years old. Throughout her life, she has navigated various experiences, including marriage and family life with actor Terrence Howard. Despite their relationship ups and downs, Lori remains a resilient figure, continuing her journey with strength and grace, embodying the wisdom and maturity that come with age. As she embraces the challenges and joys of her 50s, Lori’s life story serves as a testament to resilience and the capacity for growth and transformation.

With each passing year, Lori McCommas adds another chapter to her life’s story, filled with lessons learned, experiences gained, and memories cherished. As she reaches the milestone of 54, she reflects on her journey thus far, appreciating the highs and lows that have shaped her into the person she is today. With her spirit undiminished and her determination unwavering, Lori looks forward to the adventures that lie ahead, embracing the opportunities for growth, love, and fulfilment that each new day brings.

Lori McCommas Height and Weight

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall, Lori McCommas boasts a petite stature that adds to her graceful presence. This height, equivalent to approximately 163 centimetres or 1.63 metres, reflects her balanced and proportionate frame. Additionally, Lori maintains a modest weight of around 58 kilograms, which is roughly 128 pounds. These physical attributes contribute to her overall appearance, complementing her charming personality and confident demeanour. Despite her petite size, Lori’s presence exudes poise and elegance, making her a captivating figure in any setting.

Lori McCommas’ height and weight, though simple measurements, provide insight into her physical characteristics and overall well-being. With a slender build and an air of grace, she carries herself with confidence and assurance. These attributes not only enhance her outward appearance but also reflect her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As she navigates life’s journey, Lori’s petite stature serves as a testament to her inner strength and resilience, embodying the adage that true beauty comes from within.

Lori McCommas Career

During her marriage to Terrence Howard, Lori McCommas primarily focused on being a stay-at-home mother, dedicating her time to caring for their family. However, details about her recent endeavours or current status remain elusive, with minimal information available to the public. Lori’s fame primarily stems from her association with the renowned actor, as her personal accomplishments or endeavours have not garnered significant attention from the media. While she used to accompany her former husband to various events and engagements, there has been little to no public sighting of Lori following their divorce, leaving her activities largely undisclosed.

In contrast, Terrence Howard’s career trajectory has been marked by notable achievements and accolades within the entertainment industry. Beginning with his breakout role as Jackie Jackson in “The Jacksons: An American Dream,” Howard gained recognition and steadily built his reputation through subsequent appearances in television shows and films. Notably, his roles in acclaimed productions such as “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” “Dead Presidents,” and “Crash” propelled him to prominence, earning him critical acclaim and nominations for prestigious awards. Howard’s standout performance as the rapper Djay in “Hustle & Flow ” further solidified his status as a talented actor, culminating in an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Terrence Howard’s professional journey has been characterised by versatility and success, with each role contributing to his growing stature in the industry. From early television appearances to acclaimed film performances, Howard has demonstrated his range as an actor and garnered widespread acclaim for his talent and dedication to his craft. As he continues to make strides in his career, Howard’s impressive body of work serves as a testament to his passion for storytelling and commitment to excellence in the world of entertainment.

Terrence Howard and Lori McCommas Romantic History

lori mccommas

Lori McCommas, a divorcee, shared a tumultuous relationship with actor and singer Terrence Howard. Their journey began during their time as students at Pratt Institute, culminating in their first marriage on June 28, 1989. The couple welcomed three children together: Hunter, Heaven, and Aubrey. However, their marriage was marred by allegations of abuse, leading to their divorce on March 19, 2003. Despite the challenges, Terrence purchased a home near Lori’s residence in Pennsylvania in an attempt to reconcile. Following a brief separation, Lori and Terrence remarried on May 25, 2005, only to face further turmoil and ultimately divorce again in 2008.

Despite their initial split, Lori McCommas and Terrence Howard briefly reconciled, leading to a second remarriage after a secret ceremony. However, their renewed union was short-lived, resulting in two annulments and a final separation in 2007. Prior to her relationship with Terrence, Lori dated individuals like Steven Winter and Joey Anderton from 2010 to 2012. Meanwhile, Terrence’s romantic endeavours included marriages to Michelle Ghent and Mira Pak, both of which ended in divorce amidst allegations and legal disputes.

Terrence Howard’s turbulent romantic history continued as he sought stability and companionship. Despite facing challenges and setbacks in his relationships, the actor remained optimistic about finding lasting love. Eventually, Terrence proposed to Miranda, and on December 25, 2018, they tied the knot, marking a new chapter in his quest for enduring happiness and fulfilment in his personal life. 

Lori McCommas Childrens

lori mccommas

Lori McCommas, from her marriage to Terence Howard, shares two daughters, Aubrey and Heaven, along with a son named Hunter. In addition to being a mother, she embraces the role of grandmother, as her daughter Aubrey has two children: Hazel, born in December 2012, and Adrian, born in February 2015. Through her familial ties, Lori finds joy and fulfilment in nurturing her children and grandchildren, contributing to the growth and happiness of her extended family.

As a grandmother, Lori takes pride in witnessing the milestones and joys of her grandchildren’s lives, cherishing the special bond she shares with them. Through her love and support, she plays an integral role in shaping their upbringing and fostering a sense of belonging within the family unit. Lori’s role as a mother and grandmother reflects her commitment to family values and underscores the importance of kinship in her life.

Physical Appearance

Lori McCommas Height5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Lori McCommas Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Shoe Size (US)6
Bra Size (US)32 B
Body Measurements34-27-35 inches
Skin ColourFair
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourBrown

Lori McCommas Net Worth

lori mccommas

As of 2023, Lori McCommas has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million, with additional income coming from sponsorships ranging between $350,000 and $400,000. However, the sources of her earnings beyond these figures remain unclear. Currently residing in California, United States, Lori appears to be leading a content and fulfilled life.

In contrast, her ex-husband Terrence Howard, known for his successful career as an actor and singer, boasts a remarkable net worth of $5 million. Despite their past relationship, both individuals seem to have found their respective paths to financial stability and contentment.

Quick Facts About Lori McCommas

  • Lori McCommas was born on June 22, 1969, in New York City, and is famously known as the former wife of actor Terrence Howard.
  • She attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and later became a homemaker, dedicating her time to raising their three children.
  • Lori and Terrence Howard were married twice, with their relationship marked by challenges and separations before their final divorce in 2007.
  • Despite their tumultuous romantic history, Lori shares two daughters, Aubrey and Heaven, and a son named Hunter, with Terrence Howard.
  • Lori McCommas’ estimated net worth as of 2023 is around $3 million, supplemented by sponsorships valued between $350,000 and $400,000, while Terrence Howard’s net worth stands at $5 million.


In conclusion, Lori McCommas’ life journey, intertwined with her marriage to actor Terrence Howard, reflects the complexities of love, family, and resilience. Despite facing challenges and separations, Lori remains a devoted mother and grandmother, finding joy in nurturing her children and grandchildren. Her story highlights the importance of family values and the enduring bonds that shape our lives, while also shedding light on the realities of fame and the pursuit of personal fulfilment. As she continues to navigate life’s twists and turns, Lori’s unwavering strength and grace serve as an inspiration to embrace the complexities of our own journeys with resilience and optimism.

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