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Liver King’s Wife (Bozena Barbara Johnson) Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Career and Many More Info

American businessman, bodybuilder, and social media star Liver King married Barbara Johnson. Barbara is his life partner, dentist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Barbara brings her dental and entrepreneurship skills to the collaboration, while Liver King promotes the nine pillars of ancestral living and lives a raw liver and heavy weights lifestyle. They combine their interests into a unique collaboration that goes beyond business and fitness as they negotiate a busy existence.

Who is Liver King? 

Brian Johnson, known as Liver King, is an American entrepreneur and fitness social media star. He is famous for promoting the “ancestral lifestyle,” which involves eating liver and lots of uncooked meat and organs. Nutritionists have criticised this unorthodox diet for its health dangers.

Brian Johnson, born in 1976 or 1977, became an influencer by supporting his wife’s dentistry firm. Before becoming famous for his unconventional lifestyle, he helped his wife succeed in dentistry.

Johnson also co-owns Heart & Soil, a dietary supplement company. Johnson’s work with fellow influencer Paul Saladino shows his devotion to health and wellness beyond social media. This business initiative expands his influence into dietary supplements, consolidating his status as a health and fitness leader.

Brian Johnson went from a supportive dental partner to a lifestyle advocate. His decisions may be questioned, but they reflect a commitment to investigating alternate wellness methods and sharing them with his audience.

Who is Liver King’s wife Liver Queen?

Brian, known as Liver King, is blissfully married to Barbara Johnson, known as Oliver Queen. Barbara often appears in Liver King’s TikTok and Instagram videos as a supporter. Beyond being a loving wife, Barbara is a dental specialist who contributes to healthcare.

The fact that Barbara follows her husband’s ancestral lifestyle makes their relationship more intriguing. Like Liver King, she embraces this lifestyle’s unusual values. Through their marriage, she called her spouse “Bear,” a term of love that shows their closeness.

Barbara follows Liver King’s diet of raw beef liver, protein drinks, egg yolks, and bone marrow. This unique and health-conscious lifestyle bonds the pair, providing a narrative that goes beyond typical partnerships and shows their ideals and wellness adventures.

Quick Facts About Liver Queen

NameBozena Barbara Johnson 
Date of birth1973
Birth placeWarsaw, Poland 
Agefifty years fierce (as of 2023)
ProfessionRetired doctor of dental surgery (DDS)
EducationStony Brook University
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandBrian Johnson (Liver King) 
Current residenceHouston, Texas, United States


Born in the year 1973, Liver Queen, also known as Bozena Barbara Johnson, is currently 50 years old. Her birth year places her at the milestone of five decades, marking a journey through various life experiences and moments that have shaped the person she is today. The passage of time carries with it a wealth of stories and lessons, and at 50 years old, Liver Queen stands as a testament to the resilience and wisdom gained over the course of her remarkable journey.

Liver Queen’s height and weight

The esteemed spouse boasts a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimetres), adding a graceful stature to her presence. Her weight is recorded at around 143 pounds or 65 kilograms, indicative of a well-balanced and healthy physique. Delving into the specifics of her body measurements, they align at 32-28-32 inches (81-71-81 centimetres), reflecting proportions that enhance her overall appearance. These numerical details provide a glimpse into the physical attributes of this notable individual, capturing essential dimensions that contribute to her distinct and perhaps enviable physical presence.


Barbara Johnson is a dentist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She started her career after graduating from Stony Brook University, where she learned dental skills. She advanced her career by joining Dentiq Dentistry in Texas, USA, where she focused on dental treatment.

However, Barbara Johnson’s career changed when she started an entrepreneurial company with her husband. They developed Ancestral Supplements and The Fittest to promote holistic health and fitness. This power couple sells nutrition supplements based on their fitness company’s nine ancestral lifestyle beliefs, which promote overcoming hurdles to true health and happiness.

Beyond her career, Barbara communicates with her fans on Instagram by posting fitness and diet material. As the Liver Queen, she has over 93,000 followers on the site, demonstrating her health and wellness significance. Barbara Johnson uses the digital era to promote her professional abilities and inspire others to live an ancestral lifestyle.

When was Liver King introduced to Liver Queen?

When they met in 2004, their romance began. After years of courting, they married in a secret ceremony, committing to a life together. Fate brought Stryker and Rad to the Liver King’s family. Their oldest, Stryker, was born in 2007, and Rad in 2009.

These kids occasionally feature in their parents’ social media videos. Following their father’s lead, the Liver King family films their children working out, eating animal organs, and weightlifting. Barbara Johnson and their children easily merge into these glimpses of family life, contributing to a narrative that celebrates shared experiences and beliefs rather than individual successes.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight65 kg
Hair ColourHazel Green
Eye ColourBlonde
Body Measurement32-28-32

Do the Liver King and Liver Queen have any Children?

With two children, the Savage Liver Boys have a strong family relationship. In 2007, Stryker was born, followed by Rad in 2009. These young Liver King’s shape and influence their parents’ lifestyle choices.

Liver King’s unique lifestyle began when his offspring, the Savage Liver Boys, were sick and allergic. Stryker, the oldest son, was ill and stopped breathing, highlighting the challenges. The quick-thinking pair reached the hospital in time, preventing a disaster.

This terrifying encounter woke Liver King and his wife up. They relentlessly searched for solutions to their children’s health issues, refusing to rely on luck. Liver King told his disciples, “One of my boys ceased breathing was the actual wake-up call. We got lucky. Timely arrival at the hospital. My wife and I wanted to tackle the issue. Never again risking it. Like all parents, we tried everything. We began our journey there.”

Family resilience and health devotion demonstrate the transformative power of parenthood, leading Liver King and his wife to a healthy lifestyle and inspiring their followers.

Liver Queen on Social Media

Liver Queen is a social media influencer like her spouse. As of October 2022, @theliverqueen has just under 75,000 Instagram followers. She posts many lifestyle films on this platform about her family’s nutrition and fitness routine.

Liver Queen’s Instagram shows her life with her family and their unusual approach to health, food, and fitness. Her entertaining content inspires and influences her audience while showing the trials and successes of an extreme lifestyle. Liver Queen’s large following is a testament to her substance and shared experiences, making her an influential figure.


Q1. Who is Liver Queen?

A1. Bozena Barbara Johnson, Liver Queen, is Brian Johnson’s wife. Dentist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer.

Q2. Liver King’s specialty?

A2. Liver King, Brian Johnson, is an American businessman, bodybuilder, and social media sensation who promotes the “ancestral lifestyle,” which includes raw liver and a unique training routine.

Q3. How did Liver Queen and King meet?

A3. After dating since 2004, the pair married privately.

Q4. How many children do Liver Queen and King have?

A4. The couple’s two kids are called the Savage Liver Boys. Rad was born in 2009, Stryker in 2007.

Q5. Liver Queen’s background and age?

A5. Liver Queen, born 1973, is 50. She is Polish-American and a retired dental surgeon.


The story offers a unique look at Liver King (Brian Johnson) and Liver Queen (Barbara Johnson), a lively pair with an eccentric lifestyle. From their 2004 introduction to their children’s health issues, Liver King went from a supportive dental partner to a lifestyle champion. This couple’s passion to the ancestral lifestyle and entrepreneurial initiatives shows in their personal decisions and social media influence. Liver Queen’s dentistry and entrepreneurial talents help the unique collaboration that goes beyond business and fitness resonate with their audience and inspire a following that seeks wellness through alternative paths.

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