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Jorge Masvidal Net Worth and Everything You Need To Know About Him

UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal is American. Masvidal was a formidable Bellator and Strikeforce fighter before joining the UFC in 2013.

Masvidal joined the UFC with Bellator and Strikeforce experience and resilience. His welterweight MMA success shows his dedication, determination, and talent.

From Bellator and Strikeforce to the UFC, Masvidal faced fresh difficulties and chances. He is admired by fans and opponents for his consistent boxing.

Masvidal strives for Bellator, Strikeforce, and UFC excellence. He motivates MMA athletes with his story of hard work, determination, and ambition.

Jorge Masvidal Net Worth

American mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal, known as “Gamebred,” has a $6 million net worth. The fastest knockout in UFC history is one of Masvidal’s most memorable moments.

Masvidal defeated Ben Askren at UFC 239. Masvidal’s five-second flying knee secured his place in UFC history with a record-setting knockout.

Masvidal’s legacy goes beyond his net wealth and includes his exceptional achievements in mixed martial arts. The quick win against Askren showed his brilliance and established him as a fighter who can create great moments for fans globally.

As “Gamebred” navigates the competitive world of mixed martial arts, his high net worth is a testament to his financial success and the lasting influence of his UFC triumphs. Masvidal’s story inspires future fighters by showing how skill, determination, and the ability to shine in memorable moments like the five-second knockout can pay off.

Jorge Masvidal Salary

Jorge Masvidal earned about $5.5 million in his amazing MMA career. He earned $1.3 million after his UFC 251 fight against Kamaru Usman, his biggest payout.

Masvidal’s financial achievements are varied and outstanding. He won $270,000 by defeating Nate Diaz to win the BMF Championship in 2019. The first battle for the UFC welterweight belt against Kamaru Usman earned $530,000, and the second brought in $532,000.

Masvidal’s early career shows his passion for the sport. He won $18,000 in a Strikeforce match against Matt Lee at Playboy Mansion in 2007. His earnings increased to $60,000 in his 2013 UFC debut against Tim Means.

Masvidal’s wealth increased during his career. His 2017 fight against Donald Cerrone earned $191,000, while his 2019 five-second knockout of Ben Askren at UFC 239 earned $247,000.

These earnings demonstrate Masvidal’s competence and success in the octagon as well as the financial benefits of his high-profile and successful MMA career. He has won titles and risen in the money during his career.


As the 11th welterweight contender, this guy lives in a $2 million Miami mansion. His luxurious mansion is inspired by Scarface, giving a touch of cinematic grandeur.

The fighter’s scarlet Ferrari 296 GTB, together with his luxurious real estate, shows his love of high-performance cars. The Cuban-descent athlete spent $321,400 on this luxurious automobile to add to his amazing collection.

This insight into the fighter’s lifestyle shows his love of expensive cars and his home. It shows his skill in the ring and his ability to enjoy success outside of it. The fighter’s Miami mansion and fast Ferrari 296 GTB symbolise his success and the rewards of a successful career in professional sports.

Early Life

Jorge Masvidal, born in Miami on November 12, 1984, attended St. Brendan High School. Growing up in a street fight-prone environment was difficult.

Masvidal ran with a violent crowd and got into street battles before joining an organised competition. Mixed martial arts and karate training gave him a positive outlet for his energies, changing his life. Masvidal’s discipline and talent development began here.

Masvidal turned to competitive pursuits after adopting MMA training and discipline. This makeover enabled him to avoid street clashes and launch a promising professional boxing career.

Masvidal made his MMA debut at AFC 3 in Fort Lauderdale on May 24, 2003. His career began with a win over Brandon Bledsoe, setting the stage for a spectacular journey.

Masvidal’s tale is one of resilience, personal growth, and overcoming obstacles. He went from street fighting to being a successful mixed martial artist because of dedication, training, and a good attitude.


NameJorge Masvidal
Date of birthNovember 12, 1984
Birth placeMiami, Florida, U.S.
Age39 years old
ProfessionMixed Martial Artist
Sun SignScorpio
EducationSt. Brendan High School
FatherJorge Masvidal Sr.
GirlfriendIman Kawa
Net Worth$6 Million

Jorge Masvidal Education

Jorge Masvidal pursued his education at St. Brendan High School, situated in Miami, Florida. His academic journey in this institution likely played a role in shaping the early years of his life, providing a foundation for his subsequent ventures and achievements. St. Brendan High School, nestled in the vibrant city of Miami, may have been a pivotal environment where Masvidal’s interests, talents, and character began to take shape, contributing to the diverse experiences that ultimately defined his path, both inside and outside the realm of academia.


Jorge Masvidal won the Absolute Fighting Championships Welterweight Championship. After the AFC, he competed in Strikeforce and World Victory Road, demonstrating his versatility and skills before Dana White and the UFC saw him.

Masvidal moved to Bellator in 2009 and went 2-1, including a June win over Eric Reynolds. This era in Masvidal’s career showed his capacity to adapt and succeed in varied competitive contexts.

Masvidal defeated Tim Means in his UFC debut after 30 fights. He quickly became a UFC staple, joining Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell in the organisation’s history.

Masvidal has defeated Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz to become an MMA legend. These victories confirmed his standing as a top-tier welterweight and won over fans worldwide with his dynamic fighting style and unforgettable performances.

Masvidal failed to win the UFC Welterweight Championship twice against Kamaru Usman despite his accomplishments. Despite losing, these matches showed Masvidal’s perseverance and will to play at the greatest level.

Masvidal’s mixed martial arts career is one of triumphs, adaptability, and the unrelenting spirit to face the best, making him a genuine stalwart in the ever-changing world of professional fighting.

Jorge Masvidal’s Career Earnings

Jorge Masvidal made a good living in the Absolute Fighting Championships, but joining the UFC skyrocketed his fight rewards. Since joining the UFC, Masvidal’s earnings have skyrocketed.

Masvidal broke the seven-figure compensation level in 2019, a tribute to his high-profile fights. Masvidal proceeded to earn big the next year, cementing his status as one of the sport’s most successful fighters.

Estimating Jorge Masvidal’s career earnings shows his financial success and attractive opportunities. From small compensation in earlier promotions to large riches in the UFC mirrors his talent and marketability in mixed martial arts.

Masvidal’s example shows how UFC bouts may change a fighter’s finances. His ability to constantly command large payouts shows his brilliance in the octagon, marketability, and global appeal.

2019$1.7 Million
2020$1.3 Million

Due to his losing run, it’s unclear if he’ll receive another $1 million for his remaining UFC battles.

He now makes large money in the UFC welterweight category after Shark Fights and Strikeforce bonuses.

Jorge Masvidal Relationship Status

The MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal has two girls and a son. His children are from his connection with Iman Kawa, sister of MMA agent Malki Kawa. The couple endured life’s ups and downs for a decade before splitting up in 2019.

Masvidal’s family life is another chapter in his story, highlighting his personal and professional triumphs. Masvidal’s children’s memories show his multifaceted personality outside of MMA.

Masvidal and Iman Kawa’s relationship as co-parents has changed with time, but it remains important. Masvidal’s ability to juggle family and a tough professional fighting career is impressive.

As spectators watch Masvidal fight, they must also consider his personal life. Jorge Masvidal’s narrative as a tough competitor and a dedicated parent navigating life’s tangled tapestry is enhanced by his fatherhood.

Physical Appearance

Height5 ft 11 in or 180.5 cm
Weight77 kg or 170 lbs
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDark Brown

Jorge Masvidal Endorsement

Jorge Masvidal has substantial endorsement deals with Metro PCS and Reebok, boosting his career. In addition to these relationships, Masvidal has launched his own brand, El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal, which is both personal and profitable.

Masvidal promotes fights with Gamebred Boxing in addition to his own brands. Masvidal’s ability to acquire and engage combat sports corporate partners is shown by this venture’s diversified sponsors.

Metro PCS and Reebok’s strategic partnerships boost Masvidal’s prominence in sports and marketability outside the octagon. His involvement with these prominent brands shows his marketability and influence in MMA.

Meanwhile, Masvidal’s mezcal venture with El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal uses his personal brand to enter new markets and generate cash. This entrepreneurial enterprise boosts his finances and shows his capacity to influence non-sports fields.

With Gamebred Boxing, Masvidal shows his dedication to the sport beyond himself. This fight organisation’s sponsors show their faith and interest in Masvidal’s efforts, reinforcing his impact inside and outside the ring.

Jorge Masvidal on Social Media

Jorge Masvidal, known for his outspokenness, is a social media star. His fame is shown in his large fan base across numerous channels.

Masvidal engages his over 2 million Facebook fans with the platform’s numerous features. While his Instagram account has 3 million followers, fans can see his personal and professional life through intriguing photos and updates.

Masvidal has 849.9K followers on Twitter. His outspokenness and open opinions appeal to fans and followers who value his authenticity on the internet.

Masvidal’s 884K YouTube viewers go to his channel for video entertainment. Fans get exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and a deeper peek at the famous MMA fighter’s diverse life through this medium.

Masvidal’s social media skills demonstrate his popularity and ability to communicate with fans, sponsors, and the public. His digital presence outside the octagon contributes to the story of a fighter who crosses boundaries and engages with worldwide audiences via online networks.


Q1: Who is Jorge Masvidal and what is his MMA background?

A1: Jorge Masvidal is US UFC welterweight champion. His Bellator and Strikeforce welterweight career displayed passion, determination, and talent before joining the UFC in 2013.

Q2: How did Jorge Masvidal make money in MMA?

A2: Jorge Masvidal’s estimated net worth is $6 million. MMA career earnings, Metro PCS and Reebok endorsements, and El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal businesses contributed to his financial success. He commands high UFC compensation due to his skill and global appeal.

Q3: Jorge Masvidal’s MMA highlights?

A3: Jorge Masvidal’s five-second flying knee knockout of Ben Askren at UFC 239 was the fastest in UFC history. His wins against Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz have made him a top welterweight.

Q4: What has Jorge Masvidal earned throughout his career?

A4: Jorge Masvidal’s career earnings have increased from $18,000 in 2007 to $1.7 million in 2019 following his UFC 251 fight against Kamaru Usman.

Q5: What are Jorge Masvidal’s home and other assets?

A5: Masvidal, the 11th welterweight contender, owns a $2 million Scarface-inspired Miami mansion. He loves high-performance cars and owns a $321,400 red Ferrari 296 GTB.


In conclusion, Jorge Masvidal’s rise from street battles to UFC welterweight shows his tenacity, determination, and flexibility. His $6 million net worth comes from savvy career choices, endorsement deals, and business enterprises like El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal. Masvidal engages followers on social media and grows Gamebred Boxing. Masvidal has had several personal and professional successes, reflecting his complex life in and out of MMA.

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