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Jon Jones Net Worth, Age, Career, Height, Family and More

American mixed martial artist Jonathan Dwight Jones is a two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jones made his MMA debut in 2008, exhibiting talents that would define his career.

Jones was a state champion wrestler at Union Endicott High School in New York before entering MMA. His fighting style’s versatility stems from his wrestling background.

Jones’ MMA career has been distinguished by both successes and scandals. An athlete has endured criticism and obstacles, particularly about doping. These incidents have marred his otherwise distinguished career, generating discussions about their effects on the sport and sportsmen.

Despite the failures, Jones remains a major personality in MMA, making an indelible influence on the sport. His narrative illustrates the challenges and accomplishments athletes face on their way to success.

Jon “Bones” Jones’ Net Worth

Combat sports star Jon “Bones” Jones is worth $3 million. Jones is a UFC great as a two-time light heavyweight champion. Legendary fighter Jones led the UFC pound-for-pound rankings in 2019.

Jones has set many career records, proving his skill and determination. 

He has never been knocked out, and his ability to win fights to the judges’ judgement shows his dominance in MMA.

Jones’ career has been controversial despite his success. His only professional loss was a disputed disqualification against Matt Hamill. Jones’ legal difficulties and failed drug tests have tarnished his reputation and made him a divisive character in MMA.

H journey illustrates the challenges of professional mixed martial arts success, making him an intriguing and prominent figure in the sport. Jones’ reputation is moulded by his tremendous achievements and his struggles outside the cage as fans and detractors examine his career.

Quick Facts

Full nameJonathan Dwight Jones
Nick NameJonny Bones
Date of birthJuly 19, 1987
Birth placeRochester
Age36 years old
ProfessionMixed Martial Artist
Zodiac SignCancer
FatherArthur Jones Jr.
MotherCamille Jones
BrotherArthur Jones, Chandler Jones
SisterCarmen Jones
Marital StatusDating
Currently datingJessie Moses
No. of Children3
DaughterOlivia Haven Jones, Leah Jones, Carmen Nicole Jones
Net Worth$3 Million

Early Life and Family

Jonathan Dwight Jones, born July 19, 1987, in Rochester, New York, comes from an athletic and religious family. Jones was raised by a preacher father and three siblings, all of whom became professional football players. Despite his athletic background, Jones’ father opposed his desire to fight professionally.

Jones’ combat sports career began in high school as a wrestler. He became state champion due to his early dedication to wrestling.

Jones became known as “Bones.” while playing high school football. His football coach called him “bones.” because of his slim build. After switching from wrestling to football, the term stuck and defined him.

Jones briefly attended Iowa Central Community College after high school.He dropped out and dedicated himself to MMA due to his passion for it. This risky act launched Jones’ MMA career, setting the groundwork for his spectacular career.

Early Jon Jones’ life was marked by parental influence, athletic success, and a resolve to establish a career despite initial mistrust. As he progressed from wrestling to football to MMA, Jones showed resilience and devotion that would become his trademark.

Who is Jon Jones’ brother

NFL star Chandler Jones is Jon Jones’ younger brother. Syracuse University football player drafted by the Patriots in 2012. Chandler, an NFL defensive end, starred with the Cardinals. Chandler, a top NFL player, has made the Jones family proud.

Arthur Jones, Jon and Chandler Jones’ older brother, is another football star from the same athletic family.Arthur, born June 3, 1986, in Endicott, New York, started playing football at Syracuse. Before joining the Ravens in 2010, he played for the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Football Team.

Jon Jones’ brothers Chandler and Arthur’s influence goes beyond football. Jon was driven to thrive in sports by his competitive family. The accomplishments of his siblings inspired Jon to train and enter mixed martial arts. In addition to inspiring Jon, Chandler and Arthur have guided and encouraged him throughout his MMA career, helping him stay focused and resilient.

The Jones brothers, each pursuing professional athletics, have a dedication to athletic success and a familial relationship that transcends individual achievements. Chandler and Arthur continue to influence Jon Jones as he rises in MMA.


Born July 19, 1987, in Rochester, New York, Jon Jones is a renowned MMA fighter. Jones is in his mid-30s and has fought for about a decade. Over time, he went from promising talent to two-time UFC light heavyweight champion. At 36, Jones has matured and continues to impact the sport while managing life’s difficulties and successes.


Jones’ MMA career began with high school wrestling, where he won the title. His agility earned him the nickname “Bones,” which became his persona on the football field.

Jones’ 2008 MMA debut caught the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s attention. He went 6-0 in three months, creating the scene for a stratospheric rise in the sport. His rising star power earned him a high-profile late replacement spot from the UFC.

Jones defeated Moises Gayben to win the light heavyweight title. His trip was not without challenges. Jones was suspended and lost his belt after a hit-and-run incident, changing his career.

Jones persevered to return to MMA in 2016. His comeback win against Ovince Saint Preux at UFC 197 earned him an interim 205-pound title. In 2017, his win over Daniel Cormier was converted to a “no contest,” resulting in another championship loss.

Jones’ career has seen highs and lows, controversies and successes. His vast wealth attests to his lasting impact on the sport. Jones is captivating as he navigates MMA’s complex landscape, leaving an unforgettable impression on the sport.

Jon Jones’ fighting style

Jon Jones, a mixed martial arts superstar, has been criticised for his eye pokes. Jones’ use of this method to disrupt and hinder his opponents has been criticised multiple times. The technique involves Jones extending his outstretched palm to stop punches but often pokes the eye.

Jones and some observers believe these instances are reflexive rather than purposeful, but slow-motion evidence has cast doubt on this. In the MMA world and beyond, these eye pokes are debated as intentional or not.

UFC president Dana White has addressed the situation. White has acknowledged the need for reform without accusing Jones. His statement, “it needs to stop,” emphasises the importance of addressing this recurring topic and its possible influence on sports integrity.

Jon Jones’ eye poke issue complicates his reputation and raises questions about sportsmanship and fair play in MMA’s fiercely competitive world. As Jones continues his career, the examination of his fighting technique highlights the obstacles and responsibilities of being a high-profile MMA competitor.

Daniel Cormier Incident

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier had a heated on-stage staredown that turned physical before their fight. Jones brushed his forehead to Cormier’s during this fierce fight, violating a personal space and sportsmanship line. The tension rose quickly, leading to a brief but furious struggle with shoves and punches.

The incident was shown to a spellbound crowd and media, revealing the emotional intensity of high-profile MMA matches. The Nevada Athletic Commission, which oversees such events, responded quickly to the violation. The gifted fighter was fined $50,000 by the commission.

Jon Jones received 40 hours of community service and financial penalties. This punishment underscored the significance of sportsmanship and professionalism in professional combat sports. The incident raised questions about MMA community conduct and decorum as well as Jones and Cormier’s personal animosity.

Jones has won many fights, but this episode showed that even the best fighters can suffer the repercussions of breaking rules. The narrative of Jon Jones’ career was complicated by the necessity for sportsmen to balance their competitive drive with a dedication to sport integrity inside and beyond the cage.

Physical Appearance

Height6 feet 4 inches
Weight93 kg (205 lbs)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Body Measurements47-34-36 inches
Body TypeAthletic

Jon Jones Relationships Status

MMA star Jon Jones discusses a huge life chapter with his longtime girlfriend and fiancee, Jessie Moses. They have three daughters and enjoy parenthood together. Jones’ family life shows his personality outside of the octagon.

Jones has mentioned a fourth child earlier than his relationship with Moses. While details concerning this area of his personal past remain private, it adds an intriguing layer to Jon Jones’ narrative, illustrating the intricacies and experiences that shape his diverse identity.

In professional sports, where athletes are often in the limelight, intimate glimpses provide a more complete picture. Jones’ life outside the cage includes being a devoted father and partner. These personal interactions reflect a side of him beyond his strong rivalry.

Jones’ family and personal life demonstrate the necessity of balance and support for high-profile athletes. The complexities and nuances of these interactions shape Jon Jones’ public image, highlighting his accomplishments and failures.

Jon Jones Legal Issues

Despite his success, Jon Jones has had legal issues throughout his MMA career. He was arrested for DUI in 2012 after hitting a pole, starting a sequence of off-field troubles. 

Jones escaped a car accident in 2015, injuring a pregnant woman. Initially wanted for questioning, the charges became felonies for abandoning the accident site. Jones was released on bond after surrendering to authorities, but the consequences were serious. The UFC stripped him of his title and sentenced him to 18 months supervised probation.

Jones faced violence charges in 2019 for attacking a waitress and groping her without permission. His already controversial past was further tarnished by this episode. When police reacted to gunfire in 2020, Jones was inebriated and driving with a weapon. Aggravated DWI and negligent firearm use resulted in a four-day house detention.

These legal issues have raised questions about Jones’ personal and professional conduct. The loss of his UFC title and ongoing legal difficulties have raised doubts about his career and MMA legacy. He regrettable occurrences have raised questions about accountability, responsibility, and the relationship between personal conduct and sports accomplishment, notwithstanding his athletic excellence.

Jon Jones Endorsements

Jon Jones, a notable MMA fighter, earned substantial sponsorship deals with major businesses, demonstrating his talent and marketability. He endorsed Reebok, Nike, GAT Supplements, Monster Energy, and Gatorade.

However, controversies hurt Jones’ sponsorship career. The Jones hit-and-run case caused Reebok to end its contract with the fighter. A public altercation with Daniel Cormier led Nike, another key sponsor, to end its partnership with Jones. Personal behaviour and professional ties in sports were questioned after these instances.

Jones was fired from Reebok for a hit-and-run. The sportswear business distanced itself from the player after the incident damaged his public image and legal standing. Nike cut relations with Jones following the Cormier incident, a common gesture after major scandals.

Jones stressed that Nike’s choice was not unilateral. He claimed that Nike wished to extend the contract, contrary to popular assumption. Jones unexpectedly terminated the Nike partnership. This showed how personal decision affects endorsement negotiations between athletes and sponsors.

The termination of these huge sponsorship deals reminds athletes that their actions inside and beyond the ring can affect their careers. It highlights the difficult balance between athletic prowess and personal responsibility, raising questions about how corporations handle athlete controversies.

Real Estate

Jon Jones advertised his Ithaca home for $750,000 in 2017. This choice changed Jones’ real estate portfolio, highlighting the fluidity of an athlete’s lifestyle, especially one as active and mobile as Jones in MMA.

Jones bought the 4,400-square-foot property in 2011 while training in Ithaca. His purchase may have shown dedication to his training and a sense of place. As his work required training in several locations, the Ithaca apartment became unaffordable.

Jones’ pragmatic lifestyle—adaptability to changing circumstances—was shown by his property sale. MMA fighters frequently move to obtain specialised training facilities and work with varied coaching teams. Maintaining a home that is no longer crucial to the athlete’s training may be unneeded.

This episode of Jon Jones’ real estate deals shows how athletes make financial decisions that affect the present and future. It shows how high-profile athletes evaluate investments and homes based on their ever-changing careers.


Q1. Jon Jones’ Net Worth?

A1. UFC star Jon Jones is worth $3 million.

Q2. What age is Jon Jones?

A2. Jon Jones, 36, was born July 19, 1987.

Q3. What is Jon Jones’ fighting style?

A3. Jon Jones’ wrestling background helped him succeed in MMA with his varied fighting style.

Q4. Does Jon Jones have legal issues?

A4. MMA veteran Jon Jones has faced DUI, hit-and-run, and assault allegations.

Q5. Jon Jones has how many siblings?

A5. Jon Jones’ three siblings all played professional football. NFL star Chandler Jones is his younger brother.


In conclusion, Jon “Bones” Jones’s MMA career is a combination of successes, controversy, and personal growth. From state champion wrestler to two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jones has made history. However, legal issues, failed drug tests, and sponsorship issues have complicated his journey. Beyond the octagon, his family, legal fights, and careful balance between success and responsibility make for a complex story. Jon Jones is a mesmerizing character that embodies stardom, athleticism, and professional athlete development.

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