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Virginia Marie Carter Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Career, Height and Many More

Virginia Marie Carter is the half-sibling of famous rapper and musician Aaron Carter and Nick Carter. Nick, her younger brother, is a member of Backstreet Boys, while Aaron became famous in the early 21st century as a singer and rapper with his studio albums.

The death of Aaron Carter in late 2022 has piqued interest in Virginia and their connection. Virginia intentionally avoids the media despite her family ties. She temporarily gained fame in 2006 by appearing on “House of Carters.” However, due to her privacy, many aspects of her life remain unknown, creating many doubts.

The public’s interest in Virginia has grown after Aaron’s death, generating a desire to learn more about her life and relationship with her brother. Virginia’s chosen anonymity heightens her intrigue, making followers and observers hungry to learn her true tale.


Full NameVirginia Marie Carter 
Date of birthOctober 1972 
Birth placeTampa, Florida,United State
Age 51 years old
FatherRobert Gene Carter 
Siblings6 half-siblings (Nick, Bobbie, Leslie, Aaron, Angel, and Kaden Brent Carter) 
Net WorthN/A

Virginia Marie Carter Age

Virginia, born October 1972, turns 50 in early 2023. Many reports say she was born on October 19, although this is unconfirmed. Fans and passersby are attracted by her birthday date, which is unknown. The vagueness of her birth date adds to the mystery as she turns 50, highlighting Virginia’s propensity for privacy.


Virginia keeps a relatively private profile, making it challenging to ascertain the specifics of her professional life. According to online sources, it is suggested that she works as a realtor in Mississippi. While details about her livelihood may be scarce, Virginia did step into the public eye in 2006 through her appearance on the family reality show, “House of Carters.”

This E! show showcased the lives of the Carter siblings, including the well-known figures Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, and Leslie Carter. Virginia’s father, Robert, and stepmother, Ginger, were also part of the cast. The series, consisting of eight episodes, provided a glimpse into the dynamics of the Carter family but unfortunately met its end after just one season. Despite the limited exposure, Virginia’s brief foray into reality television added a layer of intrigue to her otherwise private existence.

Who is Virginia Marie Carter Parents

Margaret Pamela and Robert Gene Carter Julie Daniels were Virginia Marie Carter’s parents and guiding stars, developing her into a great person. Their instruction and influence left a lasting mark on her life.

But family love continued. Virginia was lucky to have Jane Elizabeth Carter, a caring stepmother who brightened her world. Virginia’s life was enhanced by Jane’s presence, which she has always appreciated.

She had a special bond with her siblings. They weren’t simply family; they were one other’s rocks, bonded by innumerable precious moments.

Their love, memories, and Virginia Marie Carter’s influence will last. She illuminated everyone she met, changing them permanently.

Death of Her Father

On May 16, 2017, Virginia Marie Carter’s father, Bob Carter, died unexpectedly at 65. Nick Carter, her younger half-brother, tweeted the next day, “I am heartbroken to share the news that our father, Robert, passed away last night.”

Aaron, Virginia’s brother, uploaded a touching photo on Instagram with the caption, “My heart is crushed, we are so devastated we lost you poppa far too young. You were my superhero in real life.”

Bob was found peacefully at home and died abruptly. His cause of death was unknown at the time.

Nick and Aaron expressed their love and gratitude for their father after his death, underlining his huge impact on their lives. Family and friends still appreciate Bob’s recollections, a monument to his exceptional life and their love for him.

Virginia Marie Carter Siblings

Virginia Marie Carter doesn’t share a biological bond with any full siblings, but she is part of a diverse and extended family. Her father, Robert Gene Carter, has been married three times, resulting in a total of seven children. In her father’s second marriage to Jane Elizabeth, Virginia gained five half-siblings: Nick Carter, Bobbie Jean Carter, Leslie Carter, Aaron Carter, and Angel Carter.

Additionally, from her father’s third marriage to Ginger R. Elrod, Virginia has a younger half-brother named Kaden Carter, born on June 7, 2005. At the beginning of 2023, Kaden was 17 years old. Furthermore, Virginia shares a stepsibling connection with Taelyn Dobson. This dynamic family structure highlights the diverse relationships that contribute to Virginia’s unique familial tapestry.

The Opulent Life Of Angel Carter, Her Sister

Angel, 32, is a successful model and TV personality. Her estimated net worth of $200,000 reflects her effort and success in her growing career. Given her youth, it’s a remarkable achievement that shows her hard effort pays off.

Angel’s reality TV career helped enhance her finances. Angel has clearly profited from her television activities, as the entertainment industry is known for its lucrative chances.

However, Angel’s wealth is not solely his. Her husband is Los Angeles’ VP of Strategic Alliances & Entertainment. Such a job likely pays well, boosting their household’s finances.

Their family lives in luxury thanks to Angel and her partner’s successes. Their occupations have given them financial security and made their homes comfortable and enjoyable for them and their families. They have built a nest of hard-earned accomplishment, laying the groundwork for a happy and successful existence.

Carter experienced the loss of two of her half-siblings

Virginia lost two half-siblings within the past decade. Leslie Carter, 25, Carter’s younger sister, died in New York on January 31, 2012. After complaining of being sick while visiting her father Robert and stepmother Ginger in Mayville, Leslie was found lifeless in the shower. He said she fell asleep and never woke up. Leslie died on arrival at Westfield Memorial Hospital in Westfield, New York, after being taken there.

After ingesting olanzapine, cyclobenzaprine, and alprazolam, Leslie overdosed and died. Three years married to Mike Ashton, Leslie had a 10-month-old daughter called Allysa Jane when she died. The Carters expressed their grief in a statement, emphasising their privacy.

Over a decade later, Virginia Carter lost her younger brother Aaron Carter at 34 on November 5, 2022. Aaron’s Lancaster, California housekeeper found him unconscious in his bathtub. The cause of his death was not released after an examination.

Aaron was cremated on November 9, 2022, and his twin sister Angel received his ashes. Virginia’s losses of Leslie and Aaron brought sorrow and awareness on human fragility.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 8 inches
Hair Colourblonde
Eye Colourblue

Virginia Marie Carter’s Relationship Status

The Queen keeps her personal life private and avoids the spotlight, so revealing her relationship status is like a royal secret.

But our real estate agent seems to have a good marriage. Our research suggests she’s married and happy. Despite the lack of information online, we found that she is a proud mother who had her child after marrying Wilfred Clayton Benjamin.

Now, the queen’s spouse is unknown. Their partnership has little rumour or scandal, and little is known about their former romances. She clearly values her privacy and keeps her personal life private.

Our real estate agent enjoys family time when not in her royal kingdom. Her parties and get-togethers emphasise family togetherness and create enduring memories. Her life revolves on family, whether it’s at award ceremonies or on vacations with her siblings.

This complex person appears to be cruising through life, riding its ups and downs with the love and support of her loved ones.

Virginia Marie Carter’s Net Worth

At a height of five feet and eight inches, Virginia Marie Carter carved a notable niche for herself in the realm of real estate, achieving remarkable financial success that soared into seven-digit territories. Her career as a real estate agent was characterised by a tenacious work ethic, marked by numerous successful deals that contributed to her substantial earnings over the years.

Adding a touch of glamour to her accomplished career were her two renowned siblings, both distinguished singers and performers. According to celebrity net worth reports, her brother Nick stands out as a heavyweight in the music and entertainment industry, boasting an impressive net worth of $35 million. Nick’s solo career, following his time with the Backstreet Boys, coupled with his reality TV ventures, further elevated his status and added a glittering sheen to his fame.

With a flourishing career and the presence of famous siblings, Virginia enjoyed a life of opulence. While details about her luxurious residence, vehicles, and other prized possessions may not be publicly disclosed, there is no denying that her financial triumphs paved the way for a life filled with comfort and extravagance, all shared with her beloved family.


Q1. Who is Virginia Marie Carter and how is she related to Aaron and Nick Carter?

A1.Virginia Marie Carter is the half-sibling of renowned rapper and musician Aaron Carter and Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. They share the same father, Robert Gene Carter.

Q2. What is Virginia Marie Carter’s estimated net worth?

A2. As of now, Virginia Marie Carter’s net worth is not specified in the provided information.

Q3. How old is Virginia Marie Carter, and when is her birthday?

A3. Born in October 1972, Virginia Marie Carter is 51 as of early 2023. The date of her birthday is unknown.

Q4. What is known about Virginia’s career?

A4. Virginia works as a realtor in Mississippi, according to online sources. She appeared briefly on “House of Carters” in 2006, which followed the Carter siblings.

Q5. How many siblings does Virginia Marie Carter have?

A5. Virginia has six half-siblings: Nick, Bobbie, Leslie, Aaron, Angel, and Kaden Brent Carter, from her father’s marriages to Jane Elizabeth and Ginger R. Elrod.


In conclusion, the life of Virginia Marie Carter, half-sister to Aaron and Nick Carter, remains shrouded in mystery as she intentionally maintains a low profile. Despite her family’s fame, Virginia’s privacy has heightened curiosity, especially following Aaron’s tragic passing. The article unveils details about her family dynamics, career in real estate, and the losses of two half-siblings. The challenges and triumphs of the Carter family, including Virginia’s, create a narrative woven with elements of success, tragedy, and the enduring impact of family bonds.

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