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Sara Matter Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio and Meet Niall Matter Wife

You know, Sara Bradley Matter, she’s the better half of the renowned American actor, Niall Matter. Now, when we talk about Niall Matter, he’s the talent behind some blockbuster films like Watchmen, The Predator, Frozen in Love, and the list goes on. Now, stepping into Sara’s world, she’s not just any Canadian, she’s a Canadian business dynamo.

So, you’ve got Niall Matter, the Canadian-American actor making waves in Hollywood, and his leading lady, Sara Bradley Matter, making her mark in the business world. Quiet the power couple, don’t you think? It’s always fascinating to see how these two worlds collide – the glitz and glam of Hollywood and the hustle and bustle of the business realm. They make it look like a seamless dance, each one complementing the other.

And hey, if you’re into Hollywood trivia or curious about the business side of things, you’ve landed on the right information hub. Whether it’s Niall’s cinematic adventures or Sara’s business escapades, we’ve got the scoop.


Full NameSara Matter
Date of birthMay 5, 1986
Birth PlaceCanada
Age36 years old (as of 2023)
Sun SignLeo
Education QualificationGraduated
HobbiesSpending time with family and friends, travelling, being outdoors, hockey
SpouseNiall Matter (married in 2016)
Children2 (Kate and Betsy)
Causes SupportedMental health awareness, suicide prevention
Net WorthN/A

Sara Matter Biography

Let’s examine Sara Matter’s fascinating life amid Hollywood glamour and family values. Sara, the better half of Canadian-American actor Niall Matter, discusses her life on social media with her enigmatic appeal.

White Canadian Sara was reared in Canada. Her background shapes and enriches her. But her spouse, Niall Matter, is Irish and Russian, creating a fascinating ethnic blend.

Niall went a different route before the film. Eight years on Northern Alberta oil rigs influenced him. A happenstance and a local teacher’s encouragement led him to theatrical classes and performing. Niall’s oil rig to Hollywood story highlights destiny’s unpredictability.

The narrative becomes dramatic when Sara and Niall meet in 2013. Love and commitment led to their marriage three years later. With their two children, the Matters fueled love and unity.

This family relies on Sara, a loving wife and mother who supports Niall and their children. She inspires couples and mothers to balance personal and family ambitions outside the home.

Sara Matter is more than a Hollywood wife and businesswoman. She has the strength and freedom to juggle family, work, and world change. Sara’s perseverance and enthusiasm encourage those pursuing life’s complex dance. Anything extra you wish to cover in this captivating story? 

Sara Matter Age

Sara Matter Age

You’re exploring Sara Matter’s interesting universe! She was born May 5, 1986, in the Great White North. The fascinating part? She’s kept her birth year a secret, adding mystique to her presence. Some people choose to keep personal information private.

As a lively 36-year-old, Sara navigates life with enigmatic charm. Discovering these little facts about people is intriguing, right? Their story is intriguing because of the reveal-withdrawal dance.

We understand it—it’s cool. In the information era, privacy is valuable. We’ve got you covered whether you want to solve a mystery or learn the basics. Are there any other Sara questions?

Why People Curious About Sara Matter?

Sara Matter, a Canadian businesswoman, is deeply involved in business, family, and Hollywood glamour. Sara is more than a businesswoman—she’s Niall Matter’s powerful partner. Niall has been in “The Best Years,” “Watchmen,” and Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart.”

Imagine this dynamic pair. After marrying in 2016, Sara and Niall have two gorgeous children and a close family. They love family time and cherish every moment. Sara is a devoted wife and mother to Niall and his family.

Sara Bradley Designs’ founder thrives while Niall stars in Hollywood. Her business, which makes custom jewellery and home decor, is impressive. Sara is clearly a family supporter and business powerhouse.

Sara shares bits of her life on social media despite her penchant for privacy. Her web presence reveals her life, ventures, and loved ones. Sara’s public character is enriched by her advocacy for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Sara Matter is a resilient, independent force who balances family, profession, and a desire to change the world. The businesswoman has a diverse life and a narrative beyond the spotlight. What do you want to know about Sara’s world? 

Sara Matter Family and Siblings

Let’s explore Sara’s early life in Edmonton, Alberta. This bustling Canadian city was where critical character-forming years were spent. Family support frequently forms the foundation of a person’s path.

Sara developed Edmonton’s unique blend of urban energy and natural beauty. Her family were her support system during these years. Sara has chosen to keep the details of her parents and siblings private. Her narrative is enhanced by this choice to protect her family’s privacy.

Recognizing the sacredness of human relationships makes such a decision beautiful. Sara protects her family by keeping these truths private. An era where oversharing is practically normal, there’s elegance in maintaining a bit of mystery, focusing on her journey and accomplishments rather than her familial history.

As we follow Sara’s life, we find deliberate gaps for personal growth, contemplation, and a connection to her roots. It reminds us that some aspects of our lives should remain private in public. Anything else you want to know about Sara’s journey?

Sara Matter Husband

Sara Matter Husband

Let’s revisit Sara Bradley’s journey to marriage. Sara Bradley married Canadian-American actor Niall Matter on Kauai, “the garden isle” in Hawaii, in 2016. The private ceremony on Kauai brought intimacy to the event.

Later, the couple had two children, one in 2016 and one in 2018. These kids were the Matters’ lifeblood, bringing love and laughter.

Before Sara entered the picture, Niall Matter was dating Canadian actress Serinda Swan, known for Graceland. Hollywood love stories are complicated! It’s fascinating to examine personal lives in showbiz.

Niall Matter made waves with his 2007 debut feature. He played bait shop owner Josh Riley in Saifi’s first film, “Loch Ness Terror.” This debut in film led to “Watchmen,” “The Best Years,” and the Hallmark classic “When Calls the Heart.”

From the beautiful Hawaiian ceremony to the joyful additions to their family, we’re unravelling Sara Bradley’s story. Hollywood anecdotes, personal milestones, and the romance of the big screen make up the compelling story. Anything specific about this story?

Sara and Niall Matter’s Children

Sara and Niall Matter’s Children

Let’s explore Sara and Niall’s joyous parenting of two lovely girls. Kate, the older of the two, comes first up, and her birth year matches her parents’ nuptials, making her arrival even more charming. A cosmic convergence of milestones weaves a magnificent family history.

Betsy, the Matters’ younger sister, arrived in 2018. A few years after Kate, she brought joy and completeness to the family.

Instilling Christian principles in their daughters is a Matter family hallmark. It’s not just about parenting kids; it’s about shaping their character with values. In their parenting journey, the Matters pass on these vital ideas, providing a foundation for the future.

The Matters value their faith’s timeless virtues in a fast-paced world. It’s a purposeful decision to lead their daughters through life’s curveballs and provide them a moral compass to navigate the world.

This is a tribute to Kate and Betsy, the intertwining of family milestones, and their unwavering devotion to shaping children and future leaders based on their beliefs. Anything else you want to know about this touching family story? 

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight50 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlack
Body Measurements34-24-35

Sara Matter’s Husband, Niall Matter Career

Niall Matter Career

Let’s explore the world of Canadian-American actor Niall Matter, known for his Hallmark Channel fame. Niall has left an everlasting impression on the industry with over 20 Hallmark films that showcase his talent. His films “Stop the Wedding,” “Finding Father Christmas,” “When Calls the Heart,” and “Love at First Dance” demonstrate his versatility and charisma.

Niall started acting in the early 2000s with roles in “The Best Years,” “Stargate Atlantis,” and “Eureka.” He transferred to film with appearances in “Dr. Dolittle’s “Tail to the Chief” and “The Predator,” demonstrating his versatility.

Niall’s career changed in 2016 with Hallmark Channel’s “Stop the Wedding.” This film earned Niall tremendous acclaim and made him one of Hallmark’s most sought-after actors. The film’s success showcased Niall’s acting skills, making him a Hallmark staple.

Hollywood star Niall Matter is also a loving husband and father. His involvement in the Matters’ family story is as important as any script he stars in. Niall keeps a quiet profile, yet he provides glimpses of his life online, giving followers a personal touch.

Niall Matter is more than an actor to many; he is a Hallmark superstar, an inspiration to budding actors, and a role model for spouses and fathers balancing profession and family. His story connects with individuals who love his art and the principles he upholds off the screen. Are you curious about anything Niall Matter-related?

Niall Matter’s most notable roles

  • Josh Riley in “Loch Ness Terror” (2007)
  • Trent Hamilton in “The Best Years” (2007-2008)
  • Zane Donovan in “Eureka” (2006-2012)
  • Dr. Clay Castlebury in “Stop the Wedding” (2016)
  • Noah Thompson in “A Snow-Capped Christmas” (2017)
  • Eric Taylor in “Love at First Dance” (2018)
  • Grady in “Country at Heart” (2022)

Let’s explore Niall Matter, a talented actor with a bright future. Niall’s versatility and charm illuminate the film industry, leaving spectators wanting more.

In Niall’s career crystal ball, the future seems as bright as his perfect performances. His impressive television and cinema appearances demonstrate his exceptional talent. Niall Matter has made a name for himself in drama and entertainment, from Hallmark Channel originals to TV character portrayals.

Niall’s potential is vast. His repertoire grows with each endeavour, revealing a depth of brilliance that moves audiences. Niall’s star will rise with each performance in the ever-changing entertainment world.

It’s not only about his roles; it’s about his audience connection. Niall’s attractive charisma captivates viewers in his stories. His ability to bring people to life is an art form that captivates and fascinates, making him a beloved figure among actors.

The future of Niall Matter’s career promises continued entertainment, artistic genius, and a captivating personality that will leave an unforgettable impression on cinema. Anything you want to know regarding Niall’s future or career?

Sara Matter’ Favourite Things

FoodCanadian cuisine
ActorNiall Matter

Sara Matter’s favourite things—the mystery! Although we know nothing about her preferences, we’re determined to find out.

Like a treasure quest, right? The journey to identify Sara’s favourite novels, movies, or comfort food that makes her smile. We labour behind the scenes to pull together these minor pieces that give someone’s tale uniqueness.

You know, a person’s favourites might be buried gems in their life’s tapestry. Music that gets Sara’s toes tapping? What places make her happy? These details make a story colourful.

We may not know everything yet, but the trip is half the joy. Like flipping through a book, eager for the next chapter. We’ll follow every lead to find Sara’s favourite items. Anything special you’re curious about or a favourite category we should prioritise? 

Sara Matter’s Net Worth

Let’s examine Sara Matter, a Canadian businesswoman who balances Hollywood glamour and seclusion. Sara, the wife of Canadian-American actor Niall Matter, is discreet but liberally shares her life on social media.

Financial data is murky. Sara’s net worth is unknown, adding mystery to her story. In contrast, her husband, Niall Matter, has an estimated $4 million net worth due to his entertainment business success. Niall has made an impact on television and movies with Hallmark Channel originals “Stop the Wedding,” “Finding Father Christmas,” and “When Calls the Heart.”

It’s safe to presume the Matters are financially secure given Niall’s and Sara’s business successes. Niall’s successful performing career and Sara’s business ability suggest a successful life.

Sara keeps her financial disclosures private. Her secret net worth shows her desire to keep certain elements of her life private. Her choice reflects her desire for a closer relationship with her personal area.

Sara Matter’s net worth may be unknown, but her story is full of accomplishments in Hollywood and business. Any specific questions concerning this mix of fame, riches, and discretion?


Q1. Who is Sara Matter and her background?

A1. Canadian businesswoman Sara Matter is married to Canadian-American actor Niall Matter. In Canada, she was born May 5, 1986. Her Edmonton upbringing shapes her personality. Sara is Canadian, whereas Niall Matter worked on Northern Alberta oil rigs before entering Hollywood.

Q2. When did Sara and Niall Matter marry? How many children do they have?

A2. Sara Bradley married Niall Matter privately on Kauai in 2016. The couple has two children, Kate and Betsy, born in 2016 and 2018. The Matters value time with their two daughters.

Q3. What does Sara Matter do for work and business?

A3. Entrepreneur Sara Matter founded Sara Bradley Designs. Her shop makes personalised jewellery and home decor. Sara launched her own business while being married to a Hollywood celebrity.

Q4. Tell me about Sara Matter’s family and siblings.

A4. Sara Matter values family privacy by keeping her parents and siblings’ details confidential. Her family’s support impacted her early upbringing in Edmonton, Alberta, and helped her succeed.

Q5. Sara Matter’s favourites?

A5. Sara Matter likes Canadian food, but little else is known. The piece raises questions regarding her book, movie, music, and other hobbies.


Sara Matter is fascinating in the world of Hollywood glamour and entrepreneurship. Sara handles life gracefully as the wife of Canadian-American actor Niall Matter and a successful businesswoman. Sara’s secrecy lends mystery to her story, from her enigmatic birth year to her quiet family history. She is strong and resilient as a wife, mother of two daughters, and Sara Bradley Designs founder. The Matters, a power couple, tell a story of love, family, and achievement that makes us curious about Sara’s tastes and mysterious existence.

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