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Emilio Owen (Gary Owen’s Son), Age, Bio, Career, Family and Many More

Emilio Owen, born on January 18, 1991, is widely recognized as the eldest son of Gary Owen, the renowned American stand-up comedian and actor known affectionately as the “Funniest Serviceman in America.” Despite not being Gary Owen’s biological child, Emilio shares a special bond with him, having been raised by his mother, Kenya Duke, who later married Gary. Despite the unconventional family dynamic, Emilio developed a close and affectionate relationship with Gary, cherishing the bond they share as stepfather and stepson.

Growing up in a blended family, Emilio formed heartwarming connections with his step-siblings, who are the biological children of Kenya and Gary. Despite not sharing a biological lineage, Emilio embraced his role within the family, fostering strong bonds with his stepfather and step-siblings. Together, they navigated the complexities of family life, united by love, mutual respect, and a shared sense of belonging.

Emilio Owen Wiki/Bio

Full NameEmilio Owen
Date of BirthJanuary 18, 1991
Emilio Owen Age33 years old
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsGary Owen and Kenya Duke
SiblingsAustin Owen and Kennedy Owen
Famous forBeing Gary Owen’s son

Emilio Owen Early life and Education

Emilio Owen’s childhood was split between Oakland, California, where he spent a significant portion of his formative years, and later, Ohio, where he relocated with his mother. Settling in Cincinnati, Ohio, Emilio embarked on his educational journey, attending an elementary school in Oakland before continuing his studies in Cincinnati. Despite the lack of public information regarding his elementary school’s name, Emilio’s academic path continued as he transitioned to Lakota West High School, a prominent public high school in the Cincinnati area. He dedicated four years to his high school education, culminating in his graduation.

Following his high school years, Emilio Owen pursued higher education at The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati, a prestigious institution known for its focus on art and design. While the specifics of his field of study remain undisclosed, Emilio’s enrollment in an art-centric college suggests a passion for creative pursuits. His educational journey reflects a commitment to exploring his artistic talents and interests, laying the groundwork for his future endeavours in the creative realm.

How old is Emilio Owen?

emilio owen

Emilio Owen was born on January 18, 1991, making him 33 years old. Our investigation reveals that he was born in Oakland, California, USA, a city situated on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay.

Emilio Owen Biological Father: Emilio Toliver Sr

The identity of Emilio Owen’s biological father, Emilio Toliver Sr., remains shrouded in mystery, with scant information available about him, including his origins and current status. Details regarding how he met Emilio’s mother, Kenya Duke, and the development of their relationship are also unclear, although it’s evident that their romance flourished during the late 1980s and early 1990s, culminating in Emilio’s birth in 1991.

While the depth of their relationship and whether they formalised their union in marriage are unknown, it is believed that Kenya Duke and Emilio Toliver Sr. parted ways not long after Emilio’s arrival into the world. Despite the lack of clarity surrounding their love story’s duration, it’s apparent that their affection for each other was genuine during the time they were together.

Presently, the activities and whereabouts of Emilio Toliver Sr. remain undisclosed, leaving his current endeavours a mystery. Meanwhile, Kenya Duke, Emilio’s mother, has carved out her own identity as an American media personality and entrepreneur, gaining significant recognition, particularly after her marriage to Gary Owen.

Emilio Owen Relationship with His Biological Father

Despite the absence of concrete details, it appears that Emilio Owen has not maintained contact with his biological father, Emilio Toliver Sr. Following the separation of Kenya Duke and Toliver, Duke assumed sole responsibility for raising Emilio. The extent of Toliver’s involvement in Emilio’s upbringing remains uncertain.

In the public eye, Emilio Owen has not referenced his biological father, nor has Kenya Duke acknowledged Toliver’s role as Emilio’s father. It seems that Emilio has had minimal to no contact with his biological father since their family’s separation.

The Love Story of Kenya Duke and Gary Owen 

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Kenya Duke’s journey to love with Gary Owen began in the late 1990s, where fate brought them together at a comedy club. Gary, a renowned comedian, captured Kenya’s attention with his comedy routine, marking the start of a blossoming connection. His rising popularity in the comedy world, particularly within the African-American community, intrigued Kenya, who was drawn to his charisma and talent.

Their initial encounter sparked mutual interest, but it wasn’t until their second meeting at the same comedy club that Gary mustered the courage to ask for Kenya’s number. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of their romantic journey, as they quickly fell for each other’s charms. Gary, impressed by Kenya’s beauty and grace, felt a sense of accomplishment in winning her affection.

Their courtship blossomed into a deep love, leading them to take the next step in their relationship by exchanging vows on July 19, 2003. Despite facing some wedding day mishaps, including Gary’s tardiness and a cake debacle, the couple persevered and tied the knot surrounded by their loved ones. Emilio, Kenya’s son from a previous relationship, played a significant role in the wedding festivities, witnessing the union of his mother and stepfather amidst the chaos and joy.

How many siblings does Emilio Owen have? 

emilio owen

Following Kenya Duke’s union with Gary Owen, the couple expanded their family with the arrival of two children, Austin Owen and Kennedy Owen. Emilio Owen, their older half-brother, shares a close bond with both siblings, fostering a strong familial connection despite their blended backgrounds. Austin, born on November 26, 2000, at 23 years old, exhibits a passion for comedy akin to his father’s, often accompanying Gary to comedy shows and even showcasing his own comedic talents on stage. His comedic prowess was evident when he wrote and delivered jokes during one of Gary’s performances, hinting at a potential future in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Kennedy, born on July 3, 2002, at 21 years old, possesses a distinct personality characterised by strength and independence, mirroring her mother’s attributes. Unlike her brother, Kennedy appears less inclined towards pursuing a career in comedy, preferring to carve her own path outside the spotlight. Despite their differing aspirations, the siblings share a deep affection for one another, cementing their bond through shared experiences and mutual support.

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke proudly attest to the remarkable bond shared among Emilio, Austin, and Kennedy, emphasising the genuine affection and camaraderie that define their sibling relationship. Their familial closeness is evident in their interactions, both on and off-screen, as showcased during appearances on The Gary Owen Show. Through laughter, shared memories, and unwavering support, the Owen siblings exemplify the strength and resilience of a loving family united by love and kinship.

The Father-Son Bond Between Gary and Emilio

Gary Owen’s relationship with Emilio Owen, despite any official adoption paperwork, exemplifies a genuine father-son connection. Throughout various social media platforms and public appearances, Gary affectionately refers to Emilio as “my oldest son,” underscoring the depth of their bond. Similarly, Emilio reciprocates this sentiment, often referring to Gary as “my father,” indicating the closeness they share. Their relationship transcends legalities, rooted instead in love, respect, and mutual affection.

The Question of Legal Adoption

While there are widespread speculations about Gary formally adopting Emilio after marrying Kenya Duke, concrete evidence to validate these claims remains elusive. Despite the lack of official confirmation, Gary and Emilio Owen’s familial relationship remains steadfast and unwavering. Their shared experiences, emotional connection, and unwavering support for each other affirm the authenticity of their father-son bond, regardless of legal formalities.

A Heartwarming Family Dynamic

Regardless of any legal intricacies, Gary and Emilio’s relationship embodies the essence of a loving and supportive family unit. Their shared experiences, affectionate interactions, and mutual respect serve as a testament to the strength of their bond. Whether legally adopted or not, the love and camaraderie between Gary and Emilio Owen exemplify the beauty of the chosen family and the enduring power of unconditional love.

The End of Kenya Duke and Gary Owen’s Marriage

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Kenya Duke and Gary Owen’s marriage, which began in 2003, endured for 17 years before encountering turbulence in March 2021 when Duke filed for divorce. While the exact cause of their marital breakdown remains undisclosed, Duke cited irreconcilable differences as grounds for the divorce. The filing marked the beginning of a challenging period for both parties as they navigated the complexities of ending their union.

Impact on Gary Owen’s Relationship with His Children

The divorce proceedings took a significant toll on Gary Owen’s relationship with his children, including Emilio. It became apparent that they had aligned themselves with their mother, leading to strained relations with their father. In August 2022, Gary disclosed that he had not communicated with his children for over a year, attributing the distance to the divorce process. Despite this rift, Gary remains hopeful for reconciliation, expressing a desire to mend the fractured relationships and rebuild trust with his children, including Emilio.

Hope for Reconciliation

Despite the challenges posed by the divorce, there is optimism for the restoration of the bond between Gary Owen and his children, including Emilio. Given Emilio’s reputation for his kind-hearted nature, it is anticipated that he will eventually reconcile with his father in the future. As they navigate the complexities of familial discord, there remains hope for healing and the eventual restoration of their familial ties.

Emilio Owen Career

Emilio Owen gained recognition in the realm of reality television when he starred in “The Gary Owen Show” back in 2016. The show provided a glimpse into the life of his father, Gary Owen, and their multiracial family, showcasing their day-to-day activities in a humorous light. Despite this venture into television, Emilio has not pursued further opportunities in the industry, preferring to maintain a private and low-key lifestyle away from the spotlight.

While his brother, Austin Owen, appears to be following in their father’s footsteps by venturing into the comedy business, Emilio has shown no inclination toward this career path. Described as a reserved individual who shies away from public attention, Emilio’s interests and pursuits lie outside the realm of entertainment. Though he has disclosed having a day job during his appearance on “The Gary Owen Show,” details regarding the nature of his employment remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, Emilio’s decision to step away from his job for undisclosed reasons hints at the complexities of his personal and professional life beyond the confines of reality television.

Emilio’s Bold Decision: Quitting His Job

emilio owen

Emilio Owen faced a significant decision in 2016 when he chose to leave his job because of pressure to cut his hair, which he had been growing into dreadlocks for over a decade. His attachment to his dreadlocks was profound, leading him to prioritise his personal expression over workplace conformity. Even when concerns were raised about the potential impact of his long hair on his spine, Emilio remained steadfast in his decision to keep it.

Initially hesitant to cut his hair even at his mother’s request, Emilio eventually compromised by pinching off a few locks and presenting them to her in a small bag, a gesture that touched her heart. Despite the pressure and concerns from others, Emilio remains committed to his unique style, viewing his long hair as an essential part of his identity and even attributing it to his success in attracting romantic partners. As a result, he has no plans to part with his distinctive hairstyle anytime soon. 

Emilio Owen Physical Appearance

Emilio Owen Height5 feet 9 inches (179 cm)
Emilio Owen Weight74kg (163 lbs)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown

Emilio Owen Relationship Status

emilio owen

He is reportedly in a relationship with a woman named Taylor Patton. While there isn’t much information available about Taylor’s background, it’s believed that she is an American residing in Cincinnati, where Emilio also lives. The details of how they met and began their relationship remain undisclosed, leaving their exact duration as a couple uncertain. Despite this, various sources suggest that they have been together for a considerable period, and there’s speculation that their romance may lead to marriage in the future.

Taylor Patton is said to be employed as an Operations Expert at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, an American insurance company. Beyond her professional role, little else is known about her personal life, including details about her family background or educational history. Despite the limited information available, her relationship with Emilio Owen has garnered attention, fueling curiosity about the couple’s journey and future plans.

Emilio Owen Step-Father Gary Owen Net Worth

Despite hailing from one of America’s most renowned and affluent families, Emilio Owen’s personal net worth remains undisclosed. While his stepfather, Gary Owen, boasts a substantial net worth estimated at $3 million as of February 2024, Emilio’s financial status remains a mystery. Despite this lack of public knowledge regarding his net worth, Emilio’s association with his affluent family undoubtedly provides him with certain privileges and opportunities.

While Emilio’s financial worth remains undisclosed, his familial ties offer a glimpse into a world of wealth and recognition. As the stepson of Gary Owen, a highly successful comedian and actor, Emilio is undoubtedly afforded certain luxuries and advantages. However, the specifics of his personal finances and assets remain private, leaving his net worth open to speculation.

Quick Facts About Emilio Owen

  • Emilio Owen, born on January 18, 1991, is recognized as Gary Owen’s eldest son despite not being biologically related to him.
  • Emilio shares a close bond with Gary Owen, his stepfather, who affectionately refers to him as “my oldest son,” reflecting their strong relationship.
  • Despite the lack of official adoption paperwork, Gary and Emilio Owen share a genuine father-son connection rooted in love and mutual respect.
  • Emilio grew up in a blended family alongside his step-siblings, Austin and Kennedy Owen, forming heartwarming relationships with them despite their differing backgrounds.
  • Emilio gained recognition for his appearance on “The Gary Owen Show” in 2016, offering viewers a glimpse into his family life with Gary and their multiracial family.
  • Unlike his brother Austin, Emilio has shown no interest in pursuing a career in comedy, preferring a private lifestyle away from the spotlight.
  • Emilio faced a significant decision in 2016 when he chose to quit his job due to pressure to cut his dreadlocks, which he had been growing for over a decade.
  • Emilio is reportedly in a relationship with Taylor Patton, although details about her background and their relationship remain largely undisclosed.


In conclusion, the story of Emilio Owen and his family highlights the complexities and warmth of blended familial relationships. Despite the unconventional beginnings of his relationship with Gary Owen, Emilio has forged a deep bond with his stepfather and siblings, embodying the essence of love and unity within a diverse family unit. Through challenges and triumphs, Emilio’s journey underscores the enduring power of familial ties and the importance of unconditional love in navigating life’s complexities.

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