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David Dobrik Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Height, Age, Career and More

David Dobrik, from Slovakia, is a YouTuber, actor, and talent show judge. Being the leader of The Vlog Squad on YouTube is his main claim to fame. Dobrik started on Vine, demonstrating his ingenuity in short films, and eventually became influential on YouTube.

David Dobrik’s Net Worth

Actor, social media celebrity, entrepreneur, and YouTuber David Dobrik is Slovakian American. One of the wealthiest social media stars is Dobrik, valued $20 million. His notoriety began with Vine, which is now gone, and has grown through YouTube. David Dobrik, a social media influencer, earns about $15 million. His nearly 45 million social media followers demonstrate his adaptability in the ever-changing online content development landscape. Dobrik became famous on YouTube and TikTok.

David Dobrik Earnings

David earned $16 million in 2020 from his numerous business operations, including agreements with EA, Bumble, and SeatGeek. His Clickbait clothing business generates a large chunk of his annual income. This line sells hoodies, shorts, jeans, and more, helping him financially.

Real Estate

In August 2020, David Dobrik bought a Sherman Oaks home for $9.5 million. Dobrik’s lifestyle changed after the purchase, showing his luxurious taste. He tours his new home’s luxury amenities and facilities on camera.

Dobrik bought a $2.5 million Studio City home in 2017 before moving to Sherman Oaks. His initial property investment was little yet significant. Dobrik offered his Studio City home for $3.5 million in June 2021. This real estate acquisition showed Dobrik’s evolving tastes and property market interests. Dobrik’s prosperity, possessions, and lifestyle choices are shown by his stunning property evolution.

Early Life

At age six, David Dobrik, from Košice, Slovakia, moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois, which changed his life. Three siblings gave Dobrik lifetime bonds. He studied and played tennis at Vernon Hills High School. Dobrik reached the 2014 Boys Tennis State Tournament and placed third in doubles.

Dobrik travelled to exciting Los Angeles after high school to pursue his dreams. He launched his career in the entertainment capital after moving from Illinois.

Quick Facts

NameDavid Dobrik
Date of birth July 23, 1996
Birth placeKošice, Slovakia
Age27 years old
NationalityAmerican, Slovakia
ProfessionYouTube Personality, Actor, Talent-Show Judge
SchoolVernon Hills High school
CollegeVernon Hills Excessive College
Zodiac SignLeo
Net Worth$20 Million


A popular American YouTuber, actor, and talent-show judge, David Dobrik was born in Košice, Slovakia, on July 23, 1996. In January 2024, Dobrik, 27, had charmed audiences worldwide with his unique blend of comedy, inventiveness, and informative knowledge.

David’s perseverance and brilliance led him from Košice to become a major figure in American entertainment. His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and influenced digital content. The versatile David Dobrik has acted and judged talent programs in addition to making enjoyable films.

In the turbulent realm of internet media, David Dobrik has become a global sensation and digital entertainment pioneer.


David Dobrik started posting on Vine, which closed in 2013. His inventive six-second videos went viral and made him famous on social media. Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, and Jason Nash helped Dobrik break into Vine.

Dobrik got over a million Vine followers with his humour and interesting videos. Second Class ended 2015 with almost 18,000 subscribers thanks to him.

These years launched David Dobrik’s career as a content developer and digital entertainment hero. His multifaceted career was built on collaboration and audience interaction.

David Dobrik Vlog Squad

A dynamic Vlog Squad boosts David Dobrik’s attractiveness. The dynamic consortium, which includes online celebrities Jason Nash, Toddy Smith, Heath Hussar, and others, helped Dobrik become famous. The Vlog Squad’s content and chemistry make Dobrik successful. Their collaboration, synchronised humour, and inventiveness show the power of the internet.

David Dobrik’s unique content, Vlog Squad support, and entrepreneurial efforts propelled him from Vine to YouTube and $20 million. Many trials make Dobrik a steadfast return king. Perseverance, proactiveness, and sharing his luck encourage fans. Anything is possible with hard work, persistence, and a committed team, as his story shows.

Personal Life

David Dobrik, a child immigrant, is protected from deportation under DACA. His childhood affected his immigration status, which shaped his personal and professional life.

Dobrik dated Internet star Liza Koshy from late 2015 to early 2018. On May 15, 2019, Dobrik married Lorraine Nash, the mother of his friend and collaborator Jason Nash, for his entertaining content. One of his vlogs featured this unique pairing. Personal life changed when Dobrik divorced on June 12, 2019. He officially ended the unusual relationship on Instagram on November 22 after signing divorce papers.

In September 2021, Dobrik said he had received his green card to travel overseas. This was a crucial step in his non-U.S. immigration.

Dobrik has given friends, relatives, and admirers new cars for years. His friend and OnlyFans model Corrina Kopf gave him a $518,000 Ferrari F8 in April 2023. This pricey gift showed Dobrik’s exceptional social and commercial contacts.

Physical Stat

Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDark Brown
Body TypeAthletic


Besides YouTube, David Dobrik is a devoted philanthropist who donates to vital organisations. His passion for social impact shows in his support of many organisations. Dobrik’s philanthropy supports The Innocence Project, which promotes criminal justice reform, the ACLU Foundation, which promotes civil liberties and rights, Color of Change, which promotes racial justice, Unicorn Riot, a media collective that covers social and environmental issues, and the Black Lives Matter Global Network, which fights systemic racism and empowers These organisations illustrate Dobrik’s dedication to positive change and social well-being.

Brand collaborations and endorsements

EA Sports and Dunkin’ Donuts sponsorships show David Dobrik’s business acumen and skill to negotiate. His network attracts big brands looking for influencers to sell their products. Dobrik partners with these major brands to expand his brand reach and develop mutually beneficial influencer marketing relationships. These deals show Dobrik’s entrepreneurialism and brand expansion strategy.


Q1. What makes David Dobrik famous?

A1. Slovakian YouTuber, actor, and talent-show judge David Dobrik. He was famous for Vine and YouTube, especially as Vlog Squad’s protagonist.

Q2. How did David Dobrik get rich?

A2. David Dobrik may be worth $25 million. He becomes rich from advertising deals, YouTube channels, and Clickbait apparel.

Q3. David Dobrik’s childhood and education?

A3. Dobrik, born July 23, 1996, in Košice, Slovakia, came to Vernon Hills, Illinois, at age 6. Vernon Hills High School graduate worked in entertainment in LA.

Q4. How did the Vlog Squad affect David Dobrik’s career?

A4. Vlog Squad members Jason Nash, Toddy Smith, and Heath Hussar promoted Dobrik. Dobrik revelled in their partnership.

Q5. What was David Dobrik’s breakthrough and career start?

A5. Since 2013, Dobrik has released funny Vine videos. Jason Nash, Gabbie Hanna, and Liza Koshy helped him win.


Finally, David Dobrik’s climb from Slovakian content producer to YouTube star and successful entrepreneur was marked by determination, invention, and adaptation. Dobrik’s career, philanthropy, and real estate show his versatility. From Vine to global social media icon, Dobrik shows teamwork, tenacity, and leveraging fame for good. Dobrik has used digital media to influence business, philanthropy, and real estate.

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