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Bert Kreischer Net Worth, Age, Height, Career, Family and Many More

The idea of Bert Kreischer, a serious American comic, is insane. Television host and actor are his other jobs. It may surprise you that he never considered comedy. Is life surprising?

Now for the exciting part. Bert gets good money from podcasts and shows. Co-hosts 3 podcasts. Podcast king! Hosting shows and generating podcasts is money.

Podcasts aren’t his major income. Many comedians book him, and he profits. Comedy podcaster Bert.

Comic gigs are profitable, but daily podcasts are more so. Hundreds of thousands of regular viewers. Very green, pal.

Bert Kreischer goes beyond clowning. Profitable podcaster. Guess who? Humor and life surprises.

Bert Kreischer Net Worth

Net Worth (2023)$14 Million
Net Worth (2021-22)Around $5 to $10 Million dollars
Main Income SourcesComedy, Acting, Brand Endorsement
Monthly SalaryApproximately $50K salary
Yearly Salary$6 lakh USD per month

Discover Bert Kreischer, the multitalented American entertainer. Comedian, actor, reality TV host, writer, producer, podcaster. And guess what? The man has $14 million.

The guy tipped. Bert’s August 2023 “2 Bears, 1 Cave” podcast with Rob Lowe included our $8 million net worth estimate. His accusation was that they underestimated him “Low. They may undershot.” Bert, always honest.

In stand-up, Bert Kreischer is “The Machine”. He stand-ups shirtless. Say something! The comedy specials “Comfortably Dumb” (2009) and “Razzle Dazzle” (2023) pleased audiences. The famous “The Machine” inspired the film “The Machine.”

Bert podcasts well. He co-hosts “Bill and Bert” with Bill Burr and “2 Bears 1 Cave” with Tom Segura via “Bertcast” since 2012. Podcast paradise!

But more. Bert starred in “Hurt Bert” (2004) and “Bert the Conqueror” (2010)–2016. He developed and hosted 2018’s “Something’s Burning,” a cookery show. Starred and executive produced “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer,” a 2020 Netflix reality show.

Book, stage, and screen comedian. His 2014 memoir, “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child,” showed another side of this enthusiastic entertainer. Bert won “Variety’s” July 2021 Comedy Creative Impact Award. He influences entertainment. Everyone, Bert Kreischer—game master.

Quick Facts

NameBert Kreischer
Date of birthNovember 3, 1972
Birth placeTampa, FL
Age51 years old
Birth SignScorpio
Net Worth$14 Million

Early Life

Bert was born Albert Kreischer Jr. in beautiful Tampa, Florida, on November 3, 1972, into a large professional family. His father, Al, was a real-estate attorney, and his mother, Gege, controlled his youth.

Bert’s Jesuit High School education laid the stage for his unusual college experience. He graduated from Florida State University with an English degree and joined Alpha Tau Omega.

Only life thickens the story. In Bert’s sixth year at FSU, “The Princeton Review” named it America’s top “party school” for 1997. Who better to reflect this new reputation than Bert Kreischer? A six-page article titled “Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate,” “Rolling Stone” named him the party king of the nation’s top party school.

Expect a Hollywood twist. Oliver Stone thinks this crazy undergraduate drama could be a classic. Stone purchased Bert’s narrative, prompting a swarm of scripts from writers eager to play this iconic figure. The deal failed because it was Hollywood.

Things get more intriguing. Despite the defeat, one determined writer honored Bert’s legacy differently. The script sold to National Lampoon made him “Van Wilder”. The result was 2002’s “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder,” starring Ryan Reynolds. How does Bert view this film? His 2014 statement: “Never saw. Not related to me.”

Bert Kreischer’s Hollywood adventure illustrates that reality may be weirder than fantasy, even for the biggest partier. Many think life is hard.


Bert’s education was broad. Private Jesuit high school was his first stop for academic brilliance and a holistic education.

Florida State University awarded Bert an English degree following a literary trip. Bert studied English and literature at a broad, intellectually challenging university.

Bert studied Florida State University English and Jesuit high school discipline. These diverse experiences shaped the articulate and multifaceted individual we see today.

Bert Kreischer Career

Bert Kreischer worked hard at Nightclub Potbelly to become a comedian. Entertainment business veteran Jason Steinberg introduced him to stand-up comedy.

Performances at the Boston Comedy Club in Greenwich Village were milestones. When Will Smith’s production company hires him, Hollywood glamour adds to his story.

After debuting on Comedy Central in 2007, “Comfortably Dumb,” launched his career. This show established his career, and he appeared on HELL’s DVD. Using his celebrity, he appeared in “Alpha Mail ” and “Reality Bites Back” in 2009.

Bert’s 2011–2015 trip series “Bert the Conqueror.” He was on “Late Show with David Letterman,” “Master Debaters with Jay Mohr,” “Carson Daly’s Last Call,” a “Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Bert combined business and personal life. In 2003, he married a famous American actress and writer and had two daughters. He balanced family and celebrity.

Bert earned money in many ways. He systematically made money in movies, TV, and humour. He marketed products offstage, showing his versatility.

Bert Kreischer’s life is about resilience, seizing opportunities, and leaving a legacy in comedy clubs and Hollywood.

Bert Kreischer Income Sources

Examine Bert Kreischer’s many income streams. His deck holds more than one ace.

Television and cinema acting first. Bert adds his unique style to film, TV, and stand-up. He influenced film and comedy.

Comedy is another major revenue generator. He dominates comedy. The stand-up specials? They make money, not jokes.

Talking podcasting. Podcast entrepreneur Bert. Hosting three podcasts makes money online. Not just laughing, but listening.

Remember brand endorsements. Bert Kreischer’s magnetism attracts brands. He’s terrific at social media and smart marketing endorsements.

Books are another success. Author and stage comedian Bert. Book sales boost Bert Kreischer’s wealth. Pages are important, not punchlines.

Go live. Bert’s comedy is live in theatres and clubs. Live shows, ticket sales, and a new dimension of profit.

We end with World Festivals. Bert’s a global comedian. Global festivals? Bert laughs abroad, and we bet those jobs are profitable.

Bert Kreischer’s income is varied. Bert’s career is a financial success due to his diverse cash streams. He dominates movies, stages, podcasts, and websites. You turn laughter into huge money, pals.

Bert Kreischer Parents and Siblings

Bert Kreischer’s family has real estate roots. His father, Al Kreischer, is a successful real estate businessman. Gege Kreischer, his lawyer mother, contributes expertise.

Bert’s younger sisters Annie and Kottie complete the Kreischer family. Annie lives in Los Angeles like Bert. In busy Los Angeles, they build a family with various professional interests and connections.

Who Is Kreischer’s Wife?

LeeAnn Kreischer, Bert’s wife, has a prominent YouTube channel. This site features her family-friendly podcasts. LeeAnn deserves “Wife of the Party.” as a podcaster, actress, writer, and social media influencer.

LeeAnn’s offline identity is separate. Born Leo and White, she has her own style. Her multiple employment and online presence make her and Bert Kreischer a dynamic couple.

How Many Kreischer Children Are There?

Bert Kreischer married LeeAnn Kreischer in 2003 and began a lovely family. The couple enjoys raising two lovely kids. At 19, Georgia, their oldest, was born in 2004 and lends her own excitement to the Kreischer family. In 2007, Ila Kreischer, their youngest child, completed the family and offered love and pleasure.

Physical Appearance

Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight102 kg or 225 lbs
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlue

Kreischer Real Estate

Bert and LeeAnn acquired a $529,000 Valley Village, California, house in 2010. The house was 1,400 square feet when bought.Transformative canvas, not just real estate transaction. Bert and LeeAnn renovated the house. Building a podcasting hub in the backyard was part of their artistic ambition. Discuss living and working in a personalised house.

Kreischer’s property portfolio continues. Besides their Valley Village house, they own a Los Angeles property. In addition, they live in Tampa.

Bert and LeeAnn took their tale into real estate, turning houses into homes and investments into dynamic work and play spaces. They also created a podcasting sanctuary and navigated Los Angeles and Tampa.


Q1. Bert Kreischer’s net worth?

A1. Bert Kreischer reportedly has $14 million in 2023.

Q2. How does Bert Kreischer profit?

A2. Bert Kreischer makes money from stand-up, acting, podcasting, brand sponsorships, and books.

Bert: Kreischer Primary Podcasts?

A3. Since 2012, Bert Kreischer co-hosts “2 Bears, 1 Cave” with Rob Lowe, “Bill and Bert” with Bill Burr, and “Bertcast”.

Q4. Notable Bert Kreischer comedy specials?

A4. Bert Kreischer’s “Comfortably Dumb” (2009) and “Razzle Dazzle” (2023) specials thrilled audiences.

Q5. Bert: Kreischer Film and TV work?

A5. Bert hosted “Hurt Bert” (2004) and “Bert the Conqueror” (2010–2016). He starred and executive produced “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” in 2020.


Bert Kreischer’s transformation from college party legend to entertainment powerhouse is remarkable. Through stand-up comedy, television, movies, and podcasts, he built a $14 million empire and shaped the entertainment industry. Bert went from Florida State University to hosting podcasts and appearing on reality shows through perseverance, adaptation, and laughter. His real estate ventures with wife LeeAnn seamlessly incorporate their story into homes and assets. Bert Kreischer, “The Machine,” shows that life’s curveballs can lead to greatness.

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